2010 Wilton Goes Green

Wilton Energy Commission 
Mission Statement:

The mission of the Wilton Energy Commission is to promote resource conservation, energy efficiency and explore means to reduce the carbon footprint of the community through the use of renewable energy and other initiatives in public buildings, homes and local businesses.   The Commission will serve in an advisory role in support of the Board of Selectmen.  It will also provide education to the community on energy related topics.

Please consider joining us!

Candidates should have the dedication, passion and commitment to work for energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction, and sustainable practices community  wide.  Experience and knowledge in one or more of these areas is desired but not necessary:
  • Energy Bench-marking
  • Facility Management/Energy Management
  • Building systems/HVAC/BAS
  • Renewable energy systems (Solar, Geothermal)
  • Building Codes/LEED/High Performance Buildings
  • US EPA Energy Star Programs
  • Clean Energy Criteria/Market/State goals
  • Communications/Website/Presentation skills/ Power Point/Excel/Report formatting
  • Analytical skills /Excel and more advanced analysis tools
  • Climate Change Action Planning
  • Alternate Energy Vehicles/Biodiesel/Electric
  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Knowledge of Wilton and its facilities
Members should expect to spend time outside of monthly meetings assisting the Town, schools and residents in endeavors to save energy costs and resources.

Please contact Bruce Hampson (behampson@optonline.net) to learn more about joining the Commission.

Wilton Energy Commission

Significant Initiatives and Accomplishments

Since Inception in 2007

  • Managed the Energy Efficient Relamping of all Municipal Buildings with no interest financing under the C.L&P " Small Business Energy Advantage Program"
  • Managed the Federal "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" grant of $76.295.  Identified and implemented measures to reduce energy in Municipal and School Buildings.
  • Co-founded Wilton Go-Green Inc and sponsored the first Wilton Go-Green Festival.
  • Completed a Wilton Energy Management Plan with the consultant Strategic Building Solutions.  Plan recognized as the most comprehensive of any small municipality by the CT Clean Energy Communities Program.
  • Wilton Energy Commission and Chair Bruce Hampson awarded Governor Jody Rell's Climate Change Leadership Award.
  • Provided guidance for Energy Efficiency in the renovation of the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and AC)  System in Wilton High School.  The new system reduced electrical consumption by 24%.
  • Wilton selected to participate with thirteen other Municipalities in the DOE / CT Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge.  Energy Commission guided Wilton to a second place finish and received a $10,000 grant used to install an Electric Vehicle charging station at the Comstock Community Center.
  • Participant in the CT Clean Energy Communities program since inception in 2008.  Have received $24,500 in awards that was used to insulate the antique “Yellow Building" at Ambler Farm plus other municipal energy efficiency measures.
  • Provided the Board of Selectmen with the Energy Savings analysis for the conversion of the Schools and Comstock Community Center from oil fired heating equipment to Natural Gas.
  • Initiated the use of the EPA Portfolio Manger energy consumption tracking system for all School and Municipal buildings.

Click on: Wilton Energy Commission Accomplishments  for a comprehensive list of Accomplishments, Initiatives, Awards and Recognition

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2010 Inaugural Wilton Go Green Festival a Huge Success

First Selectman Bill Brennan kicked off the
Festival by signing the Wilton Go Green Pledge