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Resources to Help You Start Saving Energy and Money

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Wilton Go Green

Learn more about Wilton Go Green, Inc., a Wilton organization with a goal of developing a wide range of sustainable initiatives in cooperation with the Town and other area nonprofits.

Learn more about Clean Energy and Why it Makes a Difference:

Imagine residents, businesses, communities and educators joining together to push for clean, renewable energy sources, in a dedicated effort to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment and stabilize energy costs.

Such a movement is already under way in Connecticut, spearheaded by the
Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. They offer financial incentives and educational programs to encourage homeowners, companies, municipalities, and other institutions to support renewable energy and lead the nation toward a brighter energy future. Visit their NEW very cool website to see 3D depictions of various energy options.

Clean Energy Option Sign-up

Sign-up for the Clean Energy Option at CTCleanEnergyOptions. By signing up for clean energy, you replace electricity that would have been generated from traditional fossil-fuel powered sources with that from renewable sources like wind and water.

Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge (N2N) 

Join your neighbors in keeping the cost of energy down!  Wilton is one of 14 CT towns participating in the Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge.  Learn more...n

Neighbor to Neighbor Facebook Page


The State of Connecticut Official Climate Change Website

Learn about what climate change means in Connecticut, local Climate Change Heroes, what actions you can take, what our towns are doing, and other interesting facts on the Governor's Climate Change Website.

Practical Information for Homeowners and Commercial Building Managers

ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

Clean Air Cool Planet

CA-CP is a science-based, non-partisan non-profit dedicated solely to finding and promoting solutions to global warming.

Summary of Energy-Saving Options and Ideas

The Home Energy Resource Sheet is a one-page current summary of available energy programs, discounts, rebates, and tax breaks.

How does your electric supplier rate compare with others?

Generation Service Charge, aka GSC, is the rate you pay for the generation portion of your electric bill.  You can compare current offers to lower your cost. 

Incentives and Rebates

Created to address Connecticut’s rapidly growing energy needs and costs, the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund offers residents everything from incentives to replace energy-wasting appliances with newer, more efficient models, to rebates on energy-saving lighting products and air conditioners.  For businesses, there are even more innovative programs to maximize energy efficiency, lower operating costs and improve productivity, all to keep Connecticut employers competitive – and in Connecticut.

Energy Assessments and Improvements

The Home Energy Solutions (HES) program, supported by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund, is an innovative solution to reducing your home’s energy bill. A CL&P authorized contractor will perform an energy assessment, make on-the-spot improvements, including caulking and sealing of critical air leaks, and, depending on your eligibility, provide exclusive money-saving rebates on appliances, HVAC systems and insulation.

Additional Resources Provided by WEC Members

Connecticut Housing Investment Fund (CHIF) can help you finance energy-saving improvements with low interest loans made possible through sponsorship by the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund in partnership with the Connecticut Light and Power Company (CL&P), the United Illuminating Company (UI), Yankee Gas Services Company, Southern Connecticut Gas Corporation, and Connecticut Natural Gas Company.